Pan Lymphoma Cocktail (LCA+CD20+CD3+CD43)

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Pan Lymphoma Cocktail (LCA + CD20 + CD3 + CD43) are specific leukocyte markers used in the identification and assessment of lymphoid neoplasms. This combination of antibodies offers a marker for the identification of a variety of leukocytes. CD45 also known as leucocyte common antigen (LCA), is expressed on hematopoietic cell lines, but absent on non-hematopoietic cell lines and non-hematopoietic tissues. CD43 is involved in activation of T-cells, B-cells, NK-cells and monocytes. CD3 antigen is a specific marker for T-cells and is present in T-cell neoplasms, but absent in B-cells. CD20 expression is restricted to normal and neoplastic B-cells, but absent from other leukocytes and tissues.



SOURCE Mouse Monoclonal
CLONE PD7/26/16 2B11 L26 PS1 DF-T1
ISOTYPE IgG1/kappa IgG2a/kappa IgG1 IgG2a
POSITIVE CONTROL Tonsil or B-cell and T-cell lymphomas

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