Glycophorin A [JC159]


Glycophorin A, which is the major membrane sialoglycoprotein of human red cells and their precursors, is a specific and early marker for the normal erythroid lineage.15 Glycophorin A is expressed at all stages of erythroid differentiation that includes both nucleated and non-nucleated stages of differentiation. Glycophorin A is a very important diagnostic marker of acute erythroid leukemia, being positive in many cases. In approximately 10% of adult acute leukemias the blasts that are classified as lymphoid or undifferentiated myeloid express glycophorin-A on their surface membrane.16,17

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FORMAT ConcentrateONCORE ProPrediluteQ SeriesUltraLine
VOLUME 0.1 ml1.0 ml25 ml6.0 ml60 Tests7 ml
SOURCE Rabbit Monoclonal
SPECIES REACTIVITY Human; others not tested
LOCALIZATION Erythrocyte Membrane

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