ZytoLight ® SPEC NTRK2 Dual Color Break Apart Probe

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The ZytoLight ® SPEC NTRK2 Dual Color Break Apart Probe is designed to detect translocations involving the chromosomal region 9q21.33 harboring the NTRK2 gene. NTRK2 is a tyrosine kinase and plays a key role in central and peripheral nervous system development as well as in cell survival. Translocations affecting the NTRK2 gene have been reported in several cancer types, including glioblastomas, pilocytic astrocytomes, head and nech squamous cell carcinoma, and lung adenocarcinoma. The treatment of patients with NTRK1, 2, or 3 fusion-positive cancers with an NTRK inhibitor, such as the FDA-approved drugs larotrectinib or entrectinib, is associated with high response rates, regardless of NTRK gene, fusion partner, and tumor type.


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